In a shopping mall
you'll see people shop together everywhere
online we're still shopping alone

Shop Together Online With Friends

Limited spots available

If people like to shop together why doesn't this exist?

Many companies have tried this but so far nobody succeed.



About us

We have 10 years of experiecne and are ready to launch a new version. 


2009 - First version

In 2009 we launched the first version. People liked the concept but didn't want to download it.


2011 - Second version

In 2011 we launched a web version. Somebody started blogging about this and quickly we where on 140 blogs and got millions of visitors. But after the first visit noby was coming back, what we learned is that it is a challenge to get to people online together at the same time.


2018 - Third version

Now it's 2018 and people are always online.