Live Streaming for E-Commerce

New Way to Boost Sales

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A new approach to retaining customer engagement: by simply using your webcam and a browser you can interact with custom-made communities in real-time and share discounts directly with engaged customers.


Create communities

gotokoala empowers you to grow communities around your products, bringing like-minded customers together.

Improve engagement

Our tool enables your brand to engage with customers in new and interesting ways, above and beyond what standard social media channels provide.

Generate sales

By interacting with already-engaged customers, and providing targeted product information, you'll quickly see an increase in conversions and returning sales.

Example Uses


Invite customers to a regular livestream on your webshop to introduce new items and discuss seasonal fashion inspiration.


Introduce potential customers to new destinations, sharing insider knowledge about resorts, experiences, and local events.


Walk viewers through the latest trends, showing application in real-time, and building up an easy-to-follow shopping list for customers.

...and many more

Host a live news event, review changes in bitcoin prices, explore recipe ideas... the choice is yours!